Write a letter to a friend telling him about your new pet

A letter to a friend telling him about your new pets


GT Karnal Road,

New Delhi

23rd April 2021

Dear Sumit,

Thanks for your letter. It was great to hear from you. It’s been a long time. Sorry, I haven’t been in touch for so long. I have three wonderful new dogs and I think that they are the best pets because dogs are loyal, faithful and reliable friends.

You can play and talk to them, and they will look at you as if they understand everything. They will wait for you at home when you come back from school or your job and they will always protect you. Guess what? I think that it is difficult to look after them especially when it is a great day.

I think We all need to raise animals. Because they understand us and help in some critical situations without caring about their own life.

That’s all for now. Hope to hear from you soon.

Best wishes!


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