Write a letter to my friend to invite him to my birthday party

Letter to my friend to invite him to my birthday party

D-block, lakkarpur

Faridabad Delhi -12100927

12 September 2022

Dear Shivam,

I hope you are fine there, I am also good here. You will be glad to know that my birthday is coming in next week. And I am writing this letter to you to invite you to my birthday party.

I know that your exams are coming and you have to study but still you have to come to my birthday party. And if your parents were not allowing you to the birthday party then I will talk with them and concern your parents about my birthday party. One more thing is that your whole family is invited to my birthday party.

We will enjoy this party so much because all of our childhood friends will come to my birthday party. There is so much fun, after cutting the cake and dinner we will have some fun such as dancing, music and Acting Or we can play some games also like: musical chairs and exploding balloons with heads etc. And then we ended the party.

And Shivam, it is my humble request to you and your parents that you all come to my birthday party because if you don’t come then I will be upset and feel alone during the whole party.

Your loving friend


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