Write a letter to shine star sports, Daryaganj, New Delhi placing on orders for sports articles like to be supplied to your school. you are Ridhima /Rajesh, sports in a change of Bharti Vidya Niketan school, East of Kailash, Delhi

Bharti Vidya Niketan school, 

East of Kailash, 


Date : DD/MM/YY

The Manager, 

Shining star sports, 

Daryaganj, New Delhi, 

Sub : Request for placing the order for sports items.

Sir / Madam

This is with reference to your quotation dated 10th March 2021. We are pleased to inform you that our management has decided to place an order with your farm. We need the following sports materials for our school. 

Name of items                    No. of items

Cricket bat                                10

Cricket ball                                10

Hockey stick                              10

All the items should be in good condition, well behind, and properly packed. out delivered within a week. The payment will be made in cash. Once the items reach us. Any damage during transportation would be your responsibility.

Your faithful,


Sports Incharge

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