Write a letter to your friend about Covid-19

Examination hall

Dayal Bagh,Faridabad

Date-14 April,2022

Dear Sneha,

It’s been a long time since you visited. I am fine I hope you and your family are healthy and happy. I really wish to meet you again but the harmful virus that is spreading in the world named corona is taking thousands of lives in one day.

Dr is saying to follow the hygiene rules so that we cannot be applicable to fight with it I hope you are following all the rules and washing your hand regularly, remember do not go out of your house till it is very important, also do not shake hands with anyone except your family members and keep at least 6 feet distance.

if you visit the market I will really we start you and your family and all your relatives will be safe in this difficult situation I am looking for meeting you as soon as possible give a heartfelt result to your parents and very affectionate love to your little sister.

You’re loving,


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