Write a letter to your friend telling him about your school

Write a letter to your friend telling him or her about your school

House number 1/14A,

Greenfield Colony,

New Delhi-110044

24 November 2021

Dear Friend Sam,

How are you? Hoping you are doing well and I am also good here. In your last letter, you wanted to know about my school. The name of my school is Kendriya Vidyalaya. It is in Badarpur New Delhi. it is a big school. There are more than two thousand students and thirty teachers. There are 60 rooms in the school. Fifty-eight rooms are for classes, one room is for the teachers and the other is for the Head Teacher.

The results of the school are very good. All the teachers in our school are very friendly and helpful. They are highly qualified teachers and teach us with pleasure. They love us like their own children. There is a big playground in front of the school. Where we play football ⚽. I love my school very much.

No more today. Take care of yourself. With the best regard to your parents.

Your loving friend,


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