Write a letter to your friend who was absent from school for some days


22/3, Greenfield colony,

New Delhi-110044

3 Feb 2021

Hi! Amit,

it’s been a long time to see you. How are you? Are you okay? Why aren’t you coming to school? All my classmates and our teachers are worried about you. is something wrong with you. 

i have no one to share my thoughts and feelings or to chit-chat with. Passing school hours without you is a big bore. 

Our class teacher called you but no one answered. it makes us more worried about you. 

Someone told me that you’re suffering from viral fever. so, where are you curing that at your home or in a hospital? if it is very serious, please take an expert’s advice. It would be very helpful to take a balanced diet. or walk-in fresh air and take proper sunlight 🌞. eat fresh food 🥝 and fruit 🍑. Drink Cow’s milk early in the morning. It will help a lot. 

When you read this letter please reply to me as soon as possible. so that I can inform others as soon as possible about your current health status. 


with lots of love, your best friend,


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