You have relocated to a new city. Write a letter to your friend telling her about your new school and new friends

24 Bidhan Sarani,


15 October 20….
Dear Sonali

I hope you are fine. I Am good and adjusting well to the new place and new school. potted Modern Academy and unlike my previous school in Delhi, it is near my house. Hence, dom by school bus now. I have learned to ride the cycle and enjoy cycling to school every morning.

My favourite subject now is History and it is because of my History teacher Shipra Chowdhury. When I was Nery new in the school, I often missed you and other friends so much that I would sit quietly on the last bench feeling low Shipra Ma’am would come to me and try to cheer me up and gradually she helped me to accept the change.

Now I have made a few friends who make sure that I don’t feel upset. (Now, don’t feel Jealous. They are good but you all are the best.

I told my new friends about you and they have expressed their wish to meet you. Do visit me when you come
to Kolkata

Looking forward to hearing from you.
Yours affectionately,

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