Parts of speech with examples


What are parts of speech?

Ans:- It is a category in which a word is allowed in a line with syntactic functions. In grammar, the main parts of speech are verbs, nouns, pronouns, adjectives, interjections, determiners, adverbs, conjunctions, and prepositions.

Parts of Speech Table:-

Parts of speechFunctionsExample wordsExample sentences
VerbWords that tell us about some actions.Play, cook, run, swim, sleep, bark, read, laugh etc.She is playing.
He is sleeping.
NounName of a person, place, animal or thing.India gate, Sita, coffee, giraffe, Phone etc.Delhi is the capital of India.
Kavita plays cricket
PronounWords that are used at the place of nouns.I,he,it,she,they,we, you etc.He is Sanjay.
She is parul.
AdjectiveA word which describes a noun or pronoun.Tall, short, sweet, sour etc.She is tall.
It has a hardcover.
InterjectionWords are used to express sorrow, happiness, surprise etc.Oh!Wow! Hurray! etc.Hurray! We won the match
Wow! What a painting.
DeterminersCome before a noun and show how the noun is used.Her, most, those etc.Her paintings are amazing. Do you see those coming?
AdverbWords that describe the verb and tell us how something is done.Loudly, slowly, quickly etc.He sings very loudly.
She walks slowly.
ConjunctionWords that join phrases, words and one sentence to another sentenceBut, because, and, or, therefore, until, otherwise, so etc.Rita,Sita andRama is my friend.
You will drink coffee or tea.
PrepositionA word is used before a noun or pronoun to show its relation to another word.In, on, with, behind, near, into, over, under etc.The cat is under the table.
My house is near the Market.

Parts of speech examples:-

He LikesFruits
He RanTo TheHouseQuickly
He HatesSourCandyButLoveThem
InterjectionPronounConjunctionDeterminerAdjectiveNounVerb PrepositionNoun

Words with more than one job

There are many words in English that function as more than one job like the word “work” act as a noun as well as a verb, “but” acts as a conjunction as well as a preposition etc. To identify these words we have to analyze the sentence and have to know what job that word is doing in the sentence.

Some words that work with more than one job is given below:-

WordParts of speechExample in sentences
WorkNoun – work, Verb- workNoun- Her work is less. Verb – She works in Mumbai.
ButConjunction- but, Preposition – butConjunction- He likes coffee but I don’t.Preposition- Everyone danced but Sita.

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