Write a complaint letter for polluted water supply

Complaint letter for polluted water supply

D-112 Lal Khan Chungi no. 3
New Delhi- 110044
September 6, 20___

The Health Officer,
M. C. D South zone (Address),
New Delhi



…………….(Your Name)

……………..(Your Address)

Subject: Complaint letter for polluted water supply


I am …….(Your Name), a resident of (Your Address). I beg to draw your kind attention to the polluted water supply in our area. The water which we get in the meanwhile isn’t clean.

It is neither filtered nor treated properly and contained small particles of dust, Living bacteria and earthworm can be seen in it with bare eyes. This is bad for health. People are complaining of liver trouble and stomach pain. We cannot accept the standard of water which is being served. Please do the needful before it is too late.

So, I request you to look into this matter personally. If you do the needful then I shall be very much thankful to you.

Thanking you,

Yours faithfully


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